Carol Arnold stained glass windows and designs - bristol, somerset
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Carol Arnold stained glass windows and designs - bristol, somerset






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Nailsea Dial - Nailsea Court, Somerset
25cm x 19cm

Nailsea Dial

Nailsea Dial detail

St Michael's Dial - Flax Bourton
27cm x 22cm

St Michaels Dial Close-up

Close-up of the flycatcher

Reverse view before installation. The panel could thus be used as a free-standing sundial

This sundial is a copy of a 17th century sundial reputedly made by John Oliver depicting a flycatcher, watching a fly. The motto translates "While you watch, I fly"

The glass has been etched, painted, enamelled, and silver stained in several stages, with successive kiln firings. The hour lines have been calculated for the latitude, longitude, and declination of the window where it is installed. The dial has a brass gnomon angled precisely to give a working sundial. This shows local solar time (sunny days only!).
The time reads quarter past 12

This sundial is similar to the Nailsea Court sundial.

This dial is for sale.

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